Power Management in the Mobile Scout

OK - now let's consider power management. What I had to do was break the interior of the camper into three different power zones. The breaker box that I plug my power cord to is only 15 amps. Every time I wanted to run the heater and the toaster, it blew the breaker. There were a lot of other combinations that threw the breaker also. Couldn't have that! So I decided to break it down like this. The front has a power strip now that runs into a 20 amp cord, which runs into a 30 amp three way splitter, and plugged into my 50 amp plug at the pole. The back appliances also run into a 20 amp cord that runs into the 30 amp splitter, and it runs to the 50 amp pole. And, the cord that powers the trailer, runs into a 20 amp cord, which plugs into the last free socket in the 30 amp splitter, which course, is plugged into my 50 amp socket at the pole. Now I have no problem. I can run any of my appliances in any combination at any time. Solved that problem!