There is nothing better than living in a 1964 Mobile Scout Camper!!!!

Great response on my blog page! I really appreciate it! So - I've been living in my Mobile Scout 18ft. Camper - FULL TIME - for about 4 months now. I have it in a State park in Mississippi and it sits on a beautiful lake. I LOVE it! In Mississippi we have SEVERE weather. My 1964 Mobile Scout has withstood all of it. I've really been comfortable. As a matter of fact, I'm probably more comfortable in my camper than anyplace I have ever lived. I grew up and have lived in beautiful places. In VERY nice houses, apartments, and condos - but my little "house" never ceases to AMAZE me! I love it! Understand this - - I bought this thing in Louisiana. It was owned by a family who has had it for a very very very long time - which means that - It has been in every hurricane in the state of Louisiana since is STILL around and in VERY good shape. Granted - I DO need to do some work on it - minimal stuff - I just haven't had the money for it.....- Stay tuned. I'll include a video tomorrow! I PROMISE!!!!